Hello. My name is Nichole Robertson. I’m the Co-founder and Creative Director at Obvious State, and the bestselling author of Paris in Color, Paris in Love and The Paris Journal.

Prior to Obvious State and authoring books, I spent 12 years as a New York City-based copywriter and creative director. I worked with advertising agencies, brands and magazines including Tribal DDB, MRY, Aveeno, Reebok, Kiehls, Estee Lauder brands, Prescriptives, Bumble and Bumble, Esprit and Real Simple. From 2006-2008, I wrote Bravo TV’s beauty and fashion column.

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 Just received my copy of @newyorkermag in the mail. ☔️☔️☔️ #prince  Cloudy with a chance of blossom showers.  “I love tulips better than any other spring flower; they are the embodiment of alert cheerfulness and tidy grace.” - Elizabeth von Arnim. She captures the spirit well, no? The tables were wet yesterday, or I would have made an excuse to lunch among the tulips @lafayette380 #newyorkincolor  Zzzzzzz. Projecting sleepiness onto unsuspecting fire escapes. You see what you see, right? #mondaymorning #newyorkincolor  Good morning, West Village! #happymonday  A stray magnolia bloom on the sidewalk. Blossom theft and getaway bike? Peace offering for scorned roommate? Romance gone wrong? #newyorkincolor  Gotta hand it to Barry Blitt. This week’s New Yorker cover, "The Big Short” is brilliant.  Let's pretend the forecast doesn't include a snowstorm on the first day of spring, ok?  In addition to this sexy bar, they have a drink here called “It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.” Just sayin. #newyorkincolor  Customized cocktails @rebellenyc to kick off anniversary celebrations. A gin bloody Caesar with lemon and caper berries for me and a Beefeater bloody bull with hot peppers for my husband. Cheers! #newyorkincolor
 We just launched our Obvious State gift boxes in time for Mother’s Day, and I’m thrilled with the final result. The large gift box contains this popular tote from our Bloom collection, and we're giving one away over on our @obviousstate account.  “Unfathomable deeps, blue as the overhanging heaven.” - Percy Shelley. For our @obviousstate Bloom project, we drew inspiration from the provocative language of six British Romantic period poets. While particular perspectives varied, the Romantic poets championed imagination above reason, and shared a youthful exuberance for nature. They believed it had restorative powers, and used poetry to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary. This lovely photo of our “Blue” tote is by the talented @mybookbath - Thanks, Jude! This photo is perfect for Earth Day.  Beyond this pretty entrance? The pretty pastries. #newyorkincolor  Books. Flowers. Just add coffee and this is all I need on a rainy day. Well at least a fantasy rainy day during which I don't have to work.  When T. S. Eliot said, "April is the cruellest month,” perhaps he hadn’t seen Soho in bloom. #newyorkincolor #iheartny  Does anyone else want to add an "s" to tulip? #newyorkincolor  But first, Joe.  #tbt One of my favorites from a @dominomag flower shoot last year in Paris. It was still cold and snowing in New York, so the warm breezes, spring flowers and magnolia trees were a welcome respite.  March showers bring April flowers, right?  My oh Mayan. It’s never too early for @tacombi ’s pina y ginger agua fresca and fish tacos. #newyorkincolor
 Environmentally friendly bike chain? #newyorkincolor  Bookstores are to me what catnip is to cats.  Playing with flowers for a project today. There was a inexplicable sadness as I removed the stems. I felt responsible for hastening what what was already an assured demise.  That moment when you judge a restaurant by its staircase.  #newyorkincolor  Pretty cake vs pretty tiles. Let's call it a tie. The new @_mamannyc_ location near our office = #happydance #newyorkincolor  “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ― Tom Wolfe. It would take epic resolve to resist New York's charms today as it shows off its spring blooms. #newyorkincolor  After months of coveting (and a stint of heartbreak because it was temporarily out of stock), I finally pulled the trigger on this gorgeous chandelier. It reminds me of the cite metro station lights in Paris, and it was love at first sight. What a great collaboration @pelledesigns & @westelm  A little window dressing, courtesy of the sky. #newyorkincolor  Still thinking about brunch at dinner time. You upped the egg game @chefdanieleddy  The first terrace lunch. The first cold brew. The first warm breeze. Banner day, New York.