Hello. My name is Nichole Robertson. I’m the Co-founder and Creative Director at Obvious State, and the bestselling author of Paris in Color, Paris in Love and The Paris Journal.

Prior to Obvious State and authoring books, I spent 12 years as a New York City-based copywriter and creative director. I worked with advertising agencies, brands and magazines including Tribal DDB, MRY, Aveeno, Reebok, Kiehls, Estee Lauder brands, Prescriptives, Bumble and Bumble, Esprit and Real Simple. From 2006-2008, I wrote Bravo TV’s beauty and fashion column.

Stop by Obvious State to see our latest. Signed copies of my books and prints of my photography are available in The Paris Print Shop. Want to chat? Get in touch: nichole @ obviousstate.com



 One of my favorite coffee cups. Btw, have you seen @coffeecupsoftheworld ? So many cool, creative designs.  Satisfying symmetry. #newyorkincolor  The power of three. #newyorkincolor  Quick stop by Cafe Miverva before heading to day two of Book Riot Live with @obviousstate #brlive #cafeminerva  "Everything sounds better in French, no?" I love this photo of our @obviousstate Better in French tote. Thanks for the photo @dtkaustin !  Central Park transitions.  New York City architecture buffet. #what_i_saw_in_nyc  Last fall in Paris while shooting The Paris Journal. #tbt #theparisjournal  I'll always love this subway stop. The scene of many late night goodbyes when I was dating my husband.  "No matter how early you wake up in New York, you’ve already missed it. Someone was up earlier. Something already happened. Someone else caught the worm. But in Paris, a long silence reigns from about 2:00 am until dawn. Then, when the sun rises, you have the pleasure of waking up with everyone else. Notable exceptions: Me, bakers, and drunk twenty-something Brits.” - Excerpt from The Paris Journal. You can read the first three chapters @obviousstate
 The menu seems to change often here, but if you have the chance to try their egg sandwich with garlicky aioli, don't miss out! Oh, and about this floor ...  Sending ❤️ Paris. #peace  Rainy day respite. #newyorkincolor  Beautiful glass and ceramic tile mosaics at the 81st Street subway stop depict a variety of animals, some of which are extinct. #newyorkincolor  Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...  Leaves falling like snow and warm enough for gelato. Well played, October.  Stepping up your game, fall.  Make a wish!  Time to make the pretzel croissants. #newyorkincolor  "First we feel, then we fall." - James Joyce. Was revisiting old project notes this morning, and this line from Finnegan's Wake stuck with me en route to coffee. Cycles, repetition, beauty, memory...
 Beautiful light and a vintage train vibe in the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  Had to quell the urge to fondle these breads. Perfect shiny tops.  Equal number of leaves and raindrops falling today. #newyorkincolor #ilovenewyork  Repeating patterns. #life #art  But first, quiet time. #silentbookclub  Autumn serves us plenty of intense colors so we're sated through the dull winter.  That creepy face in the window, though. #scaryface  Everyone's either back at the office or being lured to Central Park by the warm sun.  If this cottage could talk, I'd pull up a chair to hear its story.  What a warm welcome.