Hello. My name is Nichole Robertson. I’m the Co-founder and Creative Director at Obvious State, and the bestselling author of Paris in Color, Paris in Love and The Paris Journal.

Prior to Obvious State and authoring books, I spent 12 years as a New York City-based copywriter and creative director. I worked with advertising agencies, brands and magazines including Tribal DDB, MRY, Aveeno, Reebok, Kiehls, Estee Lauder brands, Prescriptives, Bumble and Bumble, Esprit and Real Simple. From 2006-2008, I wrote Bravo TV’s beauty and fashion column.

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 Hello all! I’ve been a little quiet here. I’ve been super busy (in a very, very good way). In short, we’ve been working on a series of books @obviousstate , the third of which is pictured here. We also launched the “Literary Happy Hour” podcast, and episode 7 includes the story of how my husband and I met (a common question). In addition, our little business is growing, and in the past year have gained national distribution via @abramsbooks and international distribution via @baker_and_taylor || It’s been a crazy whirlwind, and there is much more in store, including the upcoming release of my fourth book with @chroniclebooks - Literary Paris. That’s it! I just wanted to give you a quick update (I get a lot of “where are you” queries). How the hell is everyone?   Green looks good on you, Chelsea.  Young Dancer by Enzo Plazzotta  New York area friends: Join me and fellow authors Lindsey Tramuta @lostncheeseland and Will Taylor @brightbazaar to discuss Paris vs. New York and our books, New York in Color & The New Paris. Sezane’s NYC location just opened and it’s as fabulous as their Paris spot (I snapped this shot of L'appartement in Paris a few months ago). Hope to see some of you there! Details via the link in my bio.  Or napping. Whatever. || Happy pub day to Guinevere de la Mare of @silentbookclub ! I'm thrilled to be a contributor to “I’d Rather Be Reading”—a compendium of essays, poems, photos, quotations and illustrations—alongside fellow bibliophiles and artists. Fellow bibliophiles… you’ll love this lovely ode to literary life by @chroniclebooks. Pssst... we’re giving away a few copies over @obviousstate  Warning: Prolonged exposure to rows and rows of Gallimard editions may cause heart palpitations, shortness of breath and sweating. Bookworms proceed to this fantasy corner of La Librarie by @sezane with caution.  "Bold lover, never, never canst thou kiss.” This beautiful Medici fountain sculpture always reminds me of this line from Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn.” The sculpture depicts Acis and Galatea observed by a jealous Polyphemus, and I could watch the reflection of the water dance on the weathered marble for hours.
 She walks in beauty...  Rain is a perfect excuse to linger in a beautiful bookshop.  Portrait of a lady @lamerceriecafe  For the past few months, I’ve been working on my fourth book with @chroniclebooks and can’t wait to share “Literary Paris” in the spring of 2019. It’s a departure from the “in color” series, but books are in my wheelhouse, and it’s been fun to research literary life (beyond the 20s expats!) and reacquaint myself with some of the reasons we gravitated to Paris in the first place. I can’t wait to share more.  Happy National Book Lovers Day. Otherwise known as the best holiday ever.  Hot pink, fully inflated, plastic flamingo in search of equally quirky date who loves long talks on table tops.  “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” - Henry James. #newyorkincolor
 “Oh the places you’ll go...”  Sweet aromas slip out of the open window and waft along the tiny street below. Well played @bageriet_london  I’m working on Literary Paris today, and while scrolling through photos to locate a shot that I misplaced, I rediscovered this one. There was a group of sisters walking toward the church on Rue des Barres, and I was a few feet behind them. This lovely lady broke off from the group and began singing to herself. It’s a moment I wish I could have captured via video, but it felt intrusive enough just to snap a photo. She walked with such grace and cheerfulness that it put a smile on my face for the remainder of the evening. And I loved that she was wearing a fitness tracker!  "All the beauty of light is made up of light and shadow” - Tolstoy || We spent some time at the Princeton campus last week while visiting our retailer and shooting our new literary totes for @obviousstate. The students had not yet returned, so quiet spaces were aplenty.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to hear their stories.  A stop-you-in-your-tracks moment at Parc de Bercy. I'm smitten with the double frame effect created by the two shades of green.